Jesenice u Chebu

Jesenice u Chebu

Jesenice near Cheb is a water reservoir located in western Bohemia near the town of Cheb. This reservoir was built on the Ohře River in the 1960s and serves as a drinking water reservoir, while also providing flood protection and is also important for energy and recreation.

The Jesenice reservoir stretches across the Cheb basin and is surrounded by picturesque forests and hilly countryside. It is approximately 9 kilometres long and 3 kilometres wide. The total volume of the reservoir is approximately 48 million cubic metres of water. In addition to the Ohře River, several smaller streams flow into the reservoir, which contributes to the overall diversity and variety of the ecosystem in the area.

The area around the Jesenice reservoir is a paradise for nature lovers, who can find many hiking and cycling trails that lead around the reservoir and through the surrounding forests. Recreational opportunities include swimming, fishing, kayaking, canoeing and bird watching. The surrounding countryside is rich in diverse species of plants and animals, including some rare and protected species.

The Jesenice reservoir also contributes to the drinking water supply for the local population and industry in the area. In addition, thanks to its energy use, the reservoir is part of the Skalka hydroelectric power station, which produces hydroelectric power and promotes sustainable energy sources.

The Jesenice reservoir near Cheb is thus not only an important hydrological and ecological feature, but also a popular recreational destination, offering visitors a beautiful experience of nature and the opportunity to relax in the picturesque surroundings of western Bohemia.