For dinner we have a small bistro menu with small delicacies. We also have a 24/7 working coffee machine and a vending machine with small snacks and drinks for our guests.

We are happy to prepare lunches and dinners for larger groups by prior arrangement. We can also arrange a banquet, birthday party or corporate training on the premises.

Restaurant opening hours for the public

Wednesday – Saturday 11:00 – 20:00

Sunday 11:00 – 17:00

By prior arrangement, we provide buffets and half-board for larger groups. For hotel guests we have a small bistro menu.

Coffee break offer
Coffee, selection of fruit-, black- and herbal tea, water, juice
80 ,-
Coffee, selection of fruit-, black- and herbal tea, water, homemade lemonade
80 ,-
5x5 cm, At least 10 pieces of one kind
35,-/ 1 ks ,-
Apfelstrudel with nuts
Gingerbread cake with plum marmalade
Carrot cake
Pancakes with cord and fruits
1 glass of fresh fruit with honey and cinnamon
1 glass of vanilla pudding with fruits
Open Sandwiches
(At least 10 pieces of one kind
35,-/ 1 ks ,-
Open Sandwich with ham and egg
Open Sandwich with salami and cucumber
Open Sandwich with blue cheese and garlic spread
Open Sandwich with egg salad
Open Sandwich with carrot spread
Open Sandwich with cream cheese
Hot dogs in puff pastry with honey-mustard

All prices include taxes, and are calculated per Person for a coffee break duration of 30 minutes.
Half – board
Half – board 230,- / per person 3 courses, kids pay 70%
I. 0,3l Chicken broth with meat and vegetables
150g Variety of schnitzel, parsley potatoes, lemon Ice cream
II. Cucumber salad with sour cream
350g Spaghetti Bolognese 1 Cinnamon pancake with whipped cream
III. 0,3l Vegetable cream soup
1 Chicken leg baked with herbs, mashed potatoes Gingerbread cake
IV. Chicken kaldoun
300g Potato gnocchi with pork filet, spinach and cream Ice cream
V. Minestrone
150g Baked pork neck, bun dumplings, white cabbage Plum pie
VI. Garden salad with honey dressing
150g Dutch schnitzel with mashed potatoes Pancake with curd and fruit sauce
VII. Strong beef broth with a dumpling and vegetables
350g Spicy meat mixture with basmati rice Fruit pie with butter crumble
Buffet menu
Prices vary between 490,- and 1250,- Czech crowns per person, depending on the choice of food and buffet duration
Noodle salad with rucola pesto, nuts and fresh vegetables
Mix of leaf salads with marinated radishes, cucumbers and a honey vinaigrette
Mix of fresh vegetables with a parmesan dip
Lentil salad with feta cheese, grilled seasonal fall vegetables and pomegranate
Potato salad
Cold buffet
Selection of smoked meat, salami, sausages and ham served with pickled onions and pickles
Selection of cheese served with nuts and grapes
Pickled white cheese with caramelized onions and coarse mustard
Chicken salad with pineapple, served with toast bread
Beef tartar with fried bread and garlic
Warm buffet
Goulash soup
Chicken broth with meat and noodles
Beef broth with liver dumplings
Cabbage soup with sausages
Garlic soup with croutons
Main dishes
Smoked meat with apple – horseradish
Hovězí guláš s chilli papričkami
Beef goulash with chili peppers
Pork goulash
Slowly roasted pork knee in honey and dark beer, served with pickles, goat horn peppers, horseradish, mustard and bread
Roasted Pork, red and white cabbage
Selection of chicken and pork schnitzel
Potato pancakes
Mashed potatoes
Parsley rice
Bun dumplings
Potato dumplings
Grilled dishes
Pork filet in a bacon wrap
Chicken breast in a herbal marinade
Pork neck in a red wine marinade
Burgers with a beef patty, cheddar and caramelized onions
Selection of grilled vegetables – peppers, onions, zucchini, mushrooms, tomatoes, potatoes
Grilled white cheese with spring onions and cranberries
Selection of sausages from the grill
Applestrudel with cinnamon
Chocolate cake
Carrot cake
Blueberry cake with butter crumbles
Fruit salad, fresh fruits with a chocolate fountain

All served with a choice of cold spicy sauces All served with white, wholegrain pastry and bread All prices include taxes Drinks are not included in the price